ISoWA Mission Statement

In Search of Wild America celebrates the courageous individuals who boldly choose to define their own unique paths toward success and happiness. Dancing to the beat of their own drum, they craft their lives and careers based on their passion, intuition and fierce determination to make a living doing what they love. These are people who willingly choose to buck convention, create their own businesses, write their own rules, and veer off the beaten path.  Our purpose is to inspire action to heed the call of an impassioned and self-created life.

ISoWA Crew


Craig Simpson hosted and co-hosted Wide Awake Radio News on the Rense Radio Network and Black Listed News. Craig’s passion is finding undomesticated individuals driven to a life of personal expression, power, freedom, and monetary success. Their expression speaks to a common tribe that is coming to power at this time.



Erin Shimmervine is a free-lance artist, satirist and exuberant people watcher. Her blistering pop culture-inspired illustrations captured the attention of The New York Times, E! Entertainment, The New York Post, Cracked, and several other media outlets. Her current body of work is influenced by a variety of interests including nature, botany, fractals, people watching, and consciousness theories. Her passion for observing and documenting the unique individuals and inspiring characters she encounters during her daily life prompted her to co-found In Search of Wild America. More of her art can be seen at her websites: