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Andrew Martin is a Teacher, Intuitive Oracle and Spiritual Rebel who makes his living providing guidance to others by using his finely tuned intuition, wisdom, compassion and fiery humor. His ability to take high level, often abstract spiritual knowledge and make it practical and accessible to others is bringing revolutionary insight to his growing list of clients. His down to earth approach assists people in unlocking powerful, lasting, change and is a catalyst for life altering shifts and transformation. More about his work can be found on his website,

One of the highlights of Andrew’s teachings is his monthly Energy Updates posted on YouTube. When we first came upon his Energy Updates, we found them very entertaining, but soon realized that they’re much, much more than entertainment. Andrew is deeply tapped into energetic patterns affecting all of us and helps clarify what many of us are sensing, but can’t quite put into words. Andrew is ON IT.

I met Andrew for this interview in the far outskirts of Seattle at his sunny apartment, and one of the first things I noticed upon meeting him in person was his warmth and humanness.